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  • Answers to your questions about app signing by Google Play
    Posted by Dom Elliott, Product Manager, Google Play Google Play's first priority is to build a trusted, safe, and secure… Read more »
  • Android 11: Beta Plans
    Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering When we started planning Android 11, we didn’t expect the kinds of changes… Read more »
  • High refresh rate rendering on Android
    Posted by Ady Abraham, Software Engineer For a long time, phones have had a display that refreshes at 60Hz. Application… Read more »
  • Android 11: Developer Preview 3
    Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering Our teams, like all of you, continue getting used to a new normal.… Read more »
  • Developer tools to debug WebView in Beta
    Posted by Nate Fischer, Software Engineer, WebView team Since 2014, Android WebView has paved the way as an updateable system… Read more »


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