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  • SPUTNIK: Fabulously Creepy Trailer For Egor Abramenko's SciFi Horror Delights
    Hands up, everyone who delights in the squirming unease delivered by Ridley Scott's iconic scifi horror Alien. That's pretty much all of us, yeah? And while I hesitate to make assumptions I'm quite certain that Russian director Egor Abramenko's hand would be up as high as anyone else's right now… Read more »
  • PORTALS Trailer: Latest Anthology from the V/H/S Crew Has a Cosmic Twist
    The first trailer and poster have premiere for the latest genre-bending scifi/horror anthology by the creators of the V/H/S series called Portals. Created by Chris White, segments are set around a series of worldwide blackouts -- after which millions of mysterious cosmic anomalies appear everywhere across the planet. While many… Read more »
  • Screamfest 2019 Exclusive: A GOOD WOMAN IS HARD TO FIND Poster Reveals a Determined Sarah Bolger
    Screamfest has announced its full line-up and one of our fave films of the year, Abner Pastoll's A Good Woman is Hard to Find, is on the schedule, screening Monday, October 14.  A dynamic killer thriller with its finger firmly on the pulse of stark social commentary and shattering suspense,… Read more »
  • Watch The Striking Trailer For African Survival Tale THE STORY OF RACHEL DE BEER
    Following his acclaimed short film work, South African director Matthys Boshoff makes his feature debut with upcoming period drama The Story Of Rachel de Beer. Adapted from a best selling Afrikaans language novel by Brett Michael Innes - himself and acclaimed local filmmaker - the picture looks to be eqqual… Read more »
  • THE GIRL WITH NO MOUTH: Watch The Trailer For Can Evrenol's Dark Fable
    Baskin director Can Evrenol will soon be hitting the festival circuit with his latest offering, The Girl With No Mouth, and those hoping for a little taste of the dark fable now get their wish with the arrival of a festival teaser for the film. Girl With No Mouth is… Read more »
  • Jorge Olguin Invites You To Enter LA CASA
    Chilean director Jorge Olguin has long been one of that nation's leading lights when it comes to genre film and he'll be returning to screens locally in January with his latest offering La Casa (The House). And, yep, if you think you have an idea where a horror film called… Read more »
  • Friday One Sheet: LOW TIDE and Orange Gradients
    Learn to love your gradient. That is the heart of the sunset orange glow of the key art for Low Tide. It's different, and minimalist, enough to grab ones attention in a multiplex hallway of crowded photoshop nightmares (i.e. typical movie posters).  Promising a modern, edgier, Goonies-style treasure hunt with… Read more »
  • NEKROTRONIC Trailer: Monica Bellucci Plays an Internet Demon in New Action Horror
    Momentum Pictures has released an official trailer for Nekrotronic, the next indie horror comedy film from the Australian director of Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, Kiah Roache-Turner. A film about an internet demon and the secret hunters who bring them down (yes, you read that correctly), the film looks like… Read more »
  • ONE CUT OF THE DEAD Director's AESOP'S GAME To World Premiere At Skip City!
    Japan's Skip City film festival has announced their full line up and Screen Anarchy readers will no doubt want to take note of one very high profile world premiere because One Cut Of The Dead director Ueda Shinichiro makes his return as the writer and co-director of Aesop's Game! Says… Read more »
  • BEING FRANK, starring Jim Gaffigan, Logan Miller & Anna Gunn, gets an official trailer
    The Film Arcade has released the official trailer for Being Frank, ahead of the planned Father's Day weekend release.  Being Frank debuted at SXSW as You Can Choose Your Family, where We Live Entertainment hailed Gaffigan and Miller's "spectacularly heartfelt and honest performances".  The narrative directorial debut of Miranda Bailey, Being Frank will open in Los Angeles and… Read more »
  • ZILLA AND ZOE Trailer: A Girl Dreams of Horror Film in Charming Indie Comedy
    Zilla and Zoe is an indie genre comedy from director Jessica Scalise about a ten-year-old girl named Zoe who is obsessed with making horror films. As a deadline for a big film contest approaches, Zoe is determined to win, but her father gets in the way when he learns of… Read more »
  • Watch The Trailer For Thomas Wright's Brilliant Directorial Debut ACUTE MISFORTUNE
    Let me put this simply: Thomas Wright's Acute Misfortune is very likely the strongest directorial debut that I have encountered over the past year. Transitioning to directing from a successful career as an actor - likely best known around these parts for his key roles in Top Of The Lake,… Read more »
  • BLACK OUT Helmer Arne Toonen Delivers Super Slick Period Crime AMSTERDAM VICE
    That Dutch director Arne Toonen has not yet crossed over in to the English language market is more than a little baffling to me. We first came across Toonen with his Guy Ritchie flavored crime thriller Black Out a few years back and he struck us then as a director… Read more »
  • Erik Matti Goes Super Dark In Trailer For New Horror Film KUWARESMA
    When it comes to high quality genre fare out of South East Asia, Filipino director Erik Matti continues to lead the way. With a Cannes selection under his belt for hitman thriller On the Job, Matti has long been a favorite on the festival circuit and the prolific director seems… Read more »
  • Kaarthikeyan Kirubhakaran's 'His Father's Voice' Comes to American Theatres
    Kaavadi Productions and Indie Rights have announced the theatrical world premiere and Digital HD rollout of Kaarthikeyan Kirubhakaran's musical drama His Father's Voice.   Kaarthikeyan and producer Shankar Kiru have quite an interesting group of actors and actresses from all around the world for his feature directorial debut, including Jeremy Roske, Julia Koch, Sudharma Vaithiyanathan, P… Read more »
  • THE WAIT: Watch The Proof Of Concept Trailer For David Fernandes' Horror Series
    We've been tracking the work of Canadian director David Fernandes in these pages for some time now and the helmer is back now with a proof of concept trailer for proposed web series The Wait. Pitched as the story of 'a ghost and a girl who need each other to… Read more »
  • DEAD DIRTY CON MEN Trailer: Crime Thriller Throwback Hits Digital
    Marie-Grete Heinemann's fast-talking throwback to the crime films of Roderiguez and Tarantino, hell even early Scorsese, is finally getting a digital bow through Global Digital Releasing in partnership with Rock n' Tape Films. The crime story centers around a rogue undercover cop and a charismatic con man who have a… Read more »
  • THE OA: Part II Trailer: Netflix's Ambitious Sci-fi Series is Back with a Twist
    After three long years of waiting, fans of The OA will finally get to see what happened to Brit Marling following the dramatic and somewhat controversial ending of the series' first season. If you are new to the series, I highly recommend not watching the trailer below as how the… Read more »
  • China's THE WANDERING EARTH Just Became the Year's Biggest Global Hit
    In just nine days, Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth has made $420 million at the Chinese box office alone and will soon become the second film to reach three billion yuan within ten days of being released. This also makes it 2019's largest grossing film to date with some… Read more »
  • AMELIA'S 25th Trailer: Star-Studded Indie Comedy Lampoons Hollywood
    Hollywood is a tough town and not even a star-studded indie comedy like Amelia's 25th is safe from the pitfalls that come with tinsel town. That's why indie distributor Global Releasing is giving this coming-of-age, romantic comedy a second chance with a digital release this Friday, January 18. Amelia's 25th… Read more »

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