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  • Venice 2022 Review: WORLD WAR III, Slapstick Iranian Thriller Unveils Trickling Terror
    Directed by Houman Seyyedi, the wartime adventure is Iran's submission for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Blu-ray Review: SOUND OF METAL, The Loss of Sound and the Fury
    A criticism often levelled at me when I was growing up was that I spoke too loudly; this habit made people assume that I was obnoxious, or felt what I had to say was more important than anyone else. And… Read more »
  • Review: DON'T WORRY DARLING, Harry Styles Over Substance
    There’s a moment in Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde’s (Booksmart) second film as director, where the blandly named Jack Chambers (pop-singer-turned-actor Harry Styles) jumps onto a stage with a backing band to dance joylessly at the behest of the singularly… Read more »
  • Breda 2022 Review: DUYSTER Is Refreshingly Bright
    On paper it must have seemed simple: let's do a found-footage horror movie like The Blair Witch Project, but instead of a forest, let's use the Belgian city of Antwerp. And indeed, premise-wise, Duyster and The Blair Witch Project are… Read more »
  • Venice 2022 Review: BLANQUITA, Immersive, Agile Thriller
    Fernando Guzzoni directed the searing drama. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: SIDNEY, A Portrait of the Artist as a Black Man
    Directed by Reginald Hudlin, the documentary for Apple TV+ captures the development of a cinematic legend. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: RAILWAY CHILDREN, Heroes Needed. All Ages May Apply.
    Beau Gadsdon, Austin Haynes, Kenneth Aikens, Jenny Agutter, John Bradley and Tom Courtenay star in a new adaptation of a venerable tale. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: ANDOR Has the Potential to be One of the Best STAR WARS Series So Far
    Five years before a ragtag band of rebels stole the plans to the first Death Star during the Battle of Scarif one of the heroes of the day, Cassian Andor, was scraping together a living on the planet of Ferrix.… Read more »
  • Review: SECTION 8, More Than the Sum of Its Tasty Action Parts
    Ryan Kwanten, Dolph Lundgren, Dermot Mulroney, Scott Adkins and Mickey Rourke star in a potent action thriller, directed by Christian Sesma, opening in theaters and streaming on AMC+. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Toronto 2022 Review: DE HUMANI CORPORIS FABRICA
    Hospitals are places of miracles and horrors. They are also places of office politics, temporary domestic spaces, and a kind of body-repair shop. The reason why there are so many television medical dramas, is that everything about these places is… Read more »
  • Toronto 2022: MANTICORE, The Brutality of Aching Loneliness
    Spanish filmmaker Carlos Vermut (Magical Girl, Quien Te Cantara) has never been one to shy away from difficult subjects or characters, whether it be cruel kidnappings or heartbreaking suicides, his methodical and considerate touch gives more insight and power to… Read more »
  • Toronto 2022 Review: VENUS, Balagueró's Latest Keeps the Blood and Cosmic Action Coming
    Don't you hate it when you're trying to pull off the perfect crime under the noses of a local drug lord and you end up having to confront supernatural forces bent on subjugating the earth instead, all the while trying… Read more »
  • Review: GOODNIGHT MOMMY, Irritable Mother Syndrome
    Naomi Watts stars in an uneven remake, now streaming globally on Prime Video. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Toronto 2022 Review: UNREST, A Most Unconventional Biopic
    A man with one watch always knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure. Cyril Schäublin’s deep dive into nineteenth century Swiss watchmaking, the business and the labour, alongside the nascent political movement that was… Read more »
  • Review: THE SILENT TWINS, A Tale of Two Sisters
    A tale of two sisters and two halves, The Silent Twins, directed by celebrated Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Smoczynska (Fugue, The Lure, Viva Maria!) from Andrea Seigel’s (Handsome, Laggies) adaptation of Marjorie Wallace’s 1986 book of the same name, centers on… Read more »
  • Review: PEARL, Style Meets Substance in Ti West's Stellar Slasher Prequel
    After rededicating himself to horror with this spring’s marvelous sexy slasher X, Ti West is already back with Pearl, exploring the origin of the previous film’s deadly romantic killer. Where X reveled in the slasher aesthetic made so popular in… Read more »
  • Review: SPEAK NO EVIL, Politeness Can Often Backfire
    Some people -- your humble critic included -- can find it very difficult to say no in social situations. Extricating oneself from uncomfortable circumstances can be a challenge, especially when it seems like the end of the unease is in… Read more »
  • Review: CONFESS, FLETCH, Jon Hamm Finally Gets A Well-Deserved Starring Vehicle
    Nothing, not even a decades-old, two-film series that started strongly with a much beloved, commercially successful entry in the mid-‘80s and ended abruptly four years later with a justifiably rejected and ignored sequel, will languish in development hell indefinitely. That's… Read more »
  • Review: MOONAGE DAYDREAM, Intense, Fitting Sonic Experience of David Bowie's Legacy
    See it big and see it loud. It's one of the best moviegoing experiences of the year. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: SEE HOW THEY RUN, Meta-Mystery-Comedy Soars on Saoirse Ronan's Performance
    Over the last half-decade, Agatha Christie, one of the the 20th-century’s most prolific, popular writers, has seen something of a resurgence in interest in her work. Beginning with Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express in 2017,… Read more »


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