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  • Review: THE CROODS: A NEW AGE, Prehistoric Family Delivers Adventure-Comedy Treats
    Living through a seemingly never-ending pandemic and self-quarantining/sheltering-at-home (for some, if unfortunately, not most) puts a premium on escapist pleasures, like an animated Nicolas Cage-headlining a long-delayed sequel, The Croods: A New Age. The first film, a DreamWorks Animation family-oriented… Read more »
  • Review: JIU JITSU, or How to Ruin a Movie About Nic Cage Fighting an Alien
    On the face of it, a film about Nicolas Cage fighting an alien assassin in the jungle should be hard to screw up, let Cage rage and the entertainment is almost a given. With action specialist Dimitri Logothetis at the helm,… Read more »
  • Blu-ray Review: RELIC Uses Horror Metaphors Masterfully
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: horror works best as metaphor. When examining societal, personal, or political issues (or a heady combination of all three, mmm delicious), the horror genre is like no other. Sci-fi comes close,… Read more »
  • Blu-ray Review: MOONSTRUCK Waxes on Criterion
    When someone today hears that a film stars Cher and Nicholas Cage, their first inclination might be to brace for the world’s most over-the-top burlesque and downright lunar demolition derby. While understandable in light of their outsized personas and bombastic… Read more »
  • Review: THE NEST, Hell Really Is Other Married People
    Almost a decade ago, writer-director Sean Durkin’s feature-length debut, Martha Marcy May Marlene — an intense, non-linear psychological thriller — immediately moved him to the front ranks of promising first-time filmmakers. It also introduced Elisabeth Olsen to moviegoers. In the… Read more »
  • Review: THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, When There's TMI About Weird Canadian Politics, and We Love It
    Matthew Rankin shows just how batsh*t crazy Canadian history can be [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Blu-ray Review: Jim Jarmusch Brings GHOST DOG To The Criterion Collection
    I saw Jim Jarmusch's 1999 film, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, a long time ago, and didn't remember it well beyond vague feelings and dreamy after-images. Revisiting it this week ahead of its release as part of the… Read more »
  • Review: FIREBALL: VISITORS FROM DARKER WORLDS is a Wonder to Behold
    Funny and suprisingly hopeful in these dark times, Fireball is, in essense, the amalgamation of what Herzog has been doing throughout his illustrious career: it tries to awaken that sense of awe, sense of wonder in us audiences. [Read the… Read more »
  • Review: FREAKY, Body-Swap Thrills, Gory Kills
    Over the last decade plus, writer-director Christopher Landon has quietly crafted a consistently engaging, stealth career as a filmmaker deeply conversant in the tropes, traditions, and conventions of the horror genre and a willing subverter of those tropes, traditions, and… Read more »
  • Review: SAINT FRANCES, A Bittersweet Summer of Wit and Heart
    I've long held a pet theory that one of the reasons women (often) aren't fully prepared for menstruation, pregancy, childbirth, and the postpartum time, is because of how messy it is. If we knew (at least about the childbearing and… Read more »
  • Blu-Ray Review: Criterion's THE GUNFIGHTER Draws on Western Glory
    When did Hollywood’s deconstruction of the American Western myth officially break through? Depending on which aficionado you look to, the answer given may be Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch (1969), or Fred Zinnemann’s High Noon (1952), or another venerated film amid the 1950’s great… Read more »
  • Review: DIVINE LOVE, Religious Hypocrisy in Brazilian Sci-fi
    Divine Love is a quietly biting satire, brilliantly realized by Mascaro, a director who is operating on the highest level of artistry in every aspect. Do not miss this! [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: LET HIM GO, Modern Western Delivers More Drama Than Thrills
    Pop-culture wise, the Western genre’s relevance has faded over time, but for Kevin Costner, a throwback movie star and Oscar-winning director, it represents a figurative second home, a genre where he can explore, examine and dissect varying iterations of masculinity,… Read more »
  • Review: MAKE-OUT WITH VIOLENCE, Where Weird and Warm Collide
    Eric Lehning, Cody DeVos and Leah High star in a bracingly original indie film, directed by the Deagol Brothers, and now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: THE DARK AND THE WICKED, Genuinely Creepy and Scary
    Marin Ireland, Michael Abbott Jr. and Xander Berkeley star in a straight-out, scary horror thriller, written and directed by Bryan Bertino. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: GUEST OF HONOUR, Story of Guilt, Childhood Trauma and Vengeance
    David Thewlis, Laysla De Oliveira and Luke Wilson star in the latest drama by Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan, now streaming on The Criterion Channel. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Now Streaming: TRUTH SEEKERS, Now I'm a Believer
    Nick Frost, Samson Kayo, Malcolm McDowell, Susie Wokoma, Emma D'Arcy, and Simon Pegg star in an amiable series about paranormal investigators, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: PROXIMA: The Call of the Stars, the Pull of the Earth
    Sarah (Eva Green) has dreamed of going into space for her whole life. She became an engineer, works at the European Space Agency, and has kept in physical and mental shape. And now, her time has come: she is selected… Read more »
  • Busan 2020 Review: COALESCE Shows Cambodia as a Land Compromised by Opportunity
    Three young men look to forge their own paths in the fast-developing Kingdom of Cambodia in French filmmaker Jessé Miceli’s keenly observed debut feature. Employing non-professional actors and an entirely Cambodian cast, what follows is a coherent and engaging story… Read more »
  • Busan 2020 Review: SPEED OF HAPPINESS Delivers Soothing Snapshot of a Unique Profession
    Documentary filmmaker Park Hyuck-jee, known for the charming documentary With or Without You, is back with his latest non-fiction work, his first to be invited to Busan. Set in the mountainous Oze region of Central Japan, the pleasurable and satisfying… Read more »


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