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  • Dave Canfield's Favorite Film Books of 2019
    Film-related books are a joy to behold and hold. Typically oversized and heavily illustrated, they allow a languorous exploration of their subject that no broadcast media or online experience does. Held in the lap, they invite physical and mental pauses, and… Read more »
  • Review: THOSE WHO REMAINED, A Lyrical Holocaust Drama, Spared of Graphic Violence
    Debuting Hungarian director Barnabás Tóth approaches the topic of Holocaust survival from a less bloody angle, without depreciating the severity of WWII events. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Now Streaming: FOUR HANDS, Exacting Vengeance Swirls Out of Control
    Frida-Lovisa Hamann and Friederike Becht star in writer/director Oliver Kienle's tricky psychological thriller. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, These Bad Boys Are Now Grumpy Old Men
    It's not an easy thing to pick up a franchise sixteen years after the last entry, especially when so much has changed in the interim. The two Bad Boys films left inedible marks on their times, with the first film… Read more »
  • Review: WEATHERING WITH YOU Takes Flight Into the Fantastical
    Shinkai Makoto's followup to the smash-hit 'Your Name' takes an even more fantastical approach to a coming-of-age tale. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: THE WAVE, Visual Madness and Hilarity While Hitting Rock Bottom
    Justin Long, Donald Faison and Sheila Vand star in a movie featuring a very bad drug trip; Gille Klabin directs. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
    If you like nightmare fuel, you could do worse than to watch Let's Scare Jessica To Death, a very strange film from 1971. This strange film was directed by John D. Hancock, who also aptly directed a few episodes of the… Read more »
  • Review: VHYES, A Jolt Cola Induced Surreal Flashback To The Analog Days Of Yore
    The '80s were a wild time to grow up. Technology blooming all around us in new and bizarre ways created entire new types of obsession for adolescents. The mass proliferation of home recording devices gave rise to the VHS tape… Read more »
  • Blu-ray Review: LOCAL HERO Arrives on Criterion Blu-ray, A Cynical Delight
    Is it the old-world Scottish charm? The delightfully murky eco-morality of it all?  The chance to see Burt Lancaster acting all weird? What exactly is it that makes Bill Forsyth’s sublime 1983 film Local Hero click?   The charm of it is almost as… Read more »
  • Blu-ray Review: BODY PARTS Will Have You in Pieces
    The early 1990s was still the 1980s, really. Not just in terms of music, but clothes and films, too. Bombastic touches in special effects as well as in storytelling often went along with pleated pants, stonewashed jeans, shoulder pads, and… Read more »
  • Review: UNDERWATER, Monsters Stalk A Drilling Rig At The Bottom Of The Ocean
    There's nothing quite as terrifying as the unknown. For centuries scientists and fiction writers have speculated about the mysterious realms beyond our terrestrial homes, both above and below the surface. There is something about the darkness of space and the… Read more »
  • Now Streaming: TOGO, Of Dafoe and a Dog
    Willem Dafoe and Julianne Nicholson star in the dramatic adventure, based on a true story. Ericson Core directed. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Review: CUNNINGHAM, No Dancing Experience Required
    Alla Kovgan's documentary explores the life, early work and pioneering art of dancer extraordinaire Merce Cunningham. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
  • Shivers 2019 Review: FEHÉRLÓFIA Provides Mythical Psychedelic Visions
    The Shivers Film Festival in the German city of Konstanz can pride itself with a killer line-up of new films each year, but the roster always also contains the odd classic or two. This year, Ridley Scott's seminal Alien got… Read more »
  • Review: Criterion's WHEN WE WERE KINGS Kills it on Blu-ray
    When We Were Kings is an undeniably lean and mean piece of work; hard-hitting but not an attack, genuine while showcasing a grand hullabaloo. Boxing! Music! Ali! Foreman! Black power! Cinema power! In its tight eighty-eight-minute runtime, we casually witness the… Read more »
    The Criterion Collection has recently released The Story of Temple Drake, a film that was essentially lost to quite a few of us. It was adapted from the notorious William Faulkner novel "Sanctuary," and directed by Stephen Roberts (who made nearly… Read more »
  • Blu-ray Review: SILVER BULLET Shoots for the Heart
    It's been a long, long time since I've seen the strange werewolf adaptation of Stephen King's novella, "Cycle of the Werewolf." Like many kids in the '80s, I'm sure, I saw this film way too young. There were images that… Read more »
  • Review: JUST MERCY, Infuriating As It May Be
    Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, and Jamie Foxx star in the real-life legal drama, directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. [Read the whole post on] Read more »
    Shout! Factory's genre label Scream Factory has become the Blu-ray home of legendary filmmaker John Carpenter as of the last few years, and the latest release is the kung-fu action flick Big Trouble in Little China. Made just before lead… Read more »
  • Blu-ray Review: Langella Hypnotizes in DRACULA 1979
    I don't know the numbers, but Bram Stoker's book Dracula has been adapted quite a bit into theatrical productions, TV series, and movies. The property is up there with Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Predjudice, and The Three Musketeers as one of the most popular… Read more »


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