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  • Autonomous Linux and the IT Utility
    Oracle came late to cloud computing, joining the fray only after competitors like Microsoft and Salesforce had established dominant positions,… Read more »
  • Now Is the Time for Sales Organizations to Embrace AI
    Artificial intelligence is arguably the most disruptive technology to emerge over the last few decades. Consumers are producing data at… Read more »
  • Blackouts Symptomatic of Perilous Times for Pay TV
    Dish Network and Fox Corporation were able to come to terms last weekend, ending the blackout of Fox owned-and-operated local… Read more »
  • Motorola's Razr Gamble
    When word came out that Motorola was rereleasing its hit Razr smartphone, I was excited. Now that it has been… Read more »
  • New Trade Deal Provisions Give US Tech Firms Legal Shields
    The Trump administration has begun inserting legal protections into trade agreements to shield online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube… Read more »

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